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The Avenue Saar, Villa.:1847, Road 3374, Block.: 533, Al Markh Kingdom Of Bahrain.

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Amwaj Block 257, Road 5720, BLDG.:2648, LAGOON SHOP No.: 64A Kingdom of Bahrain ENTRANCE BY PARKING 5 & 6, Second Floor.

"Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness." (Joseph H. Pilates)

EQUILIBRIUM - One Of Trusted Pilates Classes in Bahrain  

Equilibrium is balance it is the ability to look at life from a clear perspective - do the right thing at the right time. A balanced person will be able to enjoy the beauty and significance of each situation whether adverse or favorable.
Balance is the ability to learn from your experience, and continue with the positive attitude, to be always alert, totally focused and always maintain the broad view.
Balance comes from understanding, humility, and tolerance. The highest state of equilibrium is to fly free from all restraints, but yet remain firmly rooted in the reality of the world.

Equilibrium's Pilates Reformer Classes

Whether you are looking for Pilates reformer classes, apparatus training, at-home or on-the-job workouts, prenatal and mommy and me classes or Pilates certification, we got you covered.

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