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The Avenue Saar, Villa.:1847, Road 3374, Block.: 533, Al Markh Kingdom Of Bahrain.

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Amwaj Block 257, Road 5720, BLDG.:2648, LAGOON SHOP No.: 64A Kingdom of Bahrain ENTRANCE BY PARKING 5 & 6, Second Floor.

About Us

Best Fitness Classes in Bahrain

EQUILIBRIUM has taken on the serious business of transforming Pilates, and feel-good fitness classes to a new level of excellence and enjoyment, all within an elegant ambiance and functional facilities.

With EQUILIBRIUM, you will experience the exhilaration of owning a body that moves more freely and efficiently without pain or limitation, capable of all the possibilities inherent in its design. You will also see the results of this deep restructuring in the mirror: your reflection will be leaner, stronger, graceful and full of life!

EQUILIBRIUMs dedicated to providing an environment that supports this process of change. However, positive change requires hard work, persistence, and consistency. We promise to partner with you in this process.

We believe that every person needs a place to escape to, enabling him or her to simply relax and reenergize.

Through our exclusive functional movement delivery system, our methods provide your body with the right challenge at the right time for maximum benefits without injury.

EQUILIBRIUM is a pilates machine classes where it's not about the husband, work, traffic, kids, groceries, rent, boyfriend. It's just about you.

We believe in our philosophy, we want you to move, breathe, feel and live better.

Create real change in your body.  Real and lasting physical change involves strengthening the deeper muscles of the body, creating correct alignment and functioning of the joints through an intelligent, scientific approach to movement. Body and mind connection is the key to achieving the ultimate EQUILIBRIUM and performance. Precision, concentration, flow, control, breath, are the essential elements of Pilates.


It is our mission to inspire healthy living and a mindful movement that will result in lasting balance. We believe that the true source of healing comes from within each individual and our skill is to help access healing through advanced techniques and creative motivation.

The mission of EQUILIBRIUM is to create and maintain professional standards for the teaching of the method and to preserve and perpetuate the gift of Pilates by educating teachers of the highest caliber.


To provide health through fitness to as many people as possible, we have a state-of-the-art Pilate’s facility that meets the needs of those seeking safe and effective healing through movement.

We believe that every person needs a place they can escape to that make them feel, good and relaxed.


Equilibrium provides Pilates machine classes. Pilate is the system of exercise which uses a machine or mat to improve the strength, posture, and muscles. It is a full body workout. It improves joint mobility and improves muscle elasticity.

Fitness classes in Bahrain offer a Pilate class with equipment or mat. The session helps in stabilizing the movement and aligning the spine. To increase the intensity of the workout we use chairs and reformers for the workout. The machine works on your muscles through the movements and the resistance is created which increase the intensity of each Pilate exercise. The exercise corrects the alignment, abdominal strength and improves the posture. 

We guarantee that in 10 sessions you will feel the difference and in 20 sessions you will see the difference and in 30 sessions you have a completely new physique. There are many benefits which our clients have felt like an improvement in muscle mass, long and lean body and improve the stamina. The best results are seen with the combination of the mat and machine Pilate exercise session in Pilates Machine Classes. For overall body workout, both are important. We help a client get the optimal health benefit. Our sessions are proactive and give results quickly.

Contrology: body, mind and spirit.
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