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The Avenue Saar, Villa.:1847, Road 3374, Block.: 533, Al Markh Kingdom Of Bahrain.

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Amwaj Block 257, Road 5720, BLDG.:2648, LAGOON SHOP No.: 64A Kingdom of Bahrain ENTRANCE BY PARKING 5 & 6, Second Floor.



It's a low impact expansion system that can be practiced bye everyone regardless of age or fitness capability. 
Weather if you are an advanced athlete, beginner student, recovering from an injury, GYROTONIC® increases flexibility and range of motion while at the same time toning and strengthening the body.
GYROTONIC® exercise is not linear but in fact multi-dimensional as it smoothly reverts back-and-forth from contraction and the expansion. 
GYROTONIC® incorporates key movements taken from ballet,  yoga, swimming, gymnastics and tai-chi. Using graceful circular movements together with gentle resistance, the continuous GYROTONIC® movements elongates the spine and rejuvenates the spirit bringing the entire body and mind into balance.
GYROTONIC® works the entire body through muscular, skeletal and cardiovascular stimulation. 
GYROTONIC® works your rhythm and flow constantly through the class.
GYROTONIC® has different corresponding breath patterns to stimulate the nervous system, to open energy pathways in oxygenate the blood.
GYROTONIC® exercises offer a complete freedom of movement.
GYROTONIC® method is characterized by the circular and undulated movements that help increase the functional capacity of the spine, contributing to a spherical and three-dimensional awareness, resulted in increased balance. 
GYROTONIC® prevent back problems as well as decreasing pain current back problems.
GYROTONIC® teaches you to move from the inside out, recruiting all muscles of the body instead of relying on the biggest external ones.
GYROTONIC® improves posture and alignment without rigidness. 
Contrology: body, mind and spirit.
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