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The Avenue Saar, Villa.:1847, Road 3374, Block.: 533, Al Markh Kingdom Of Bahrain.

EQ Amwaj:

Amwaj Block 257, Road 5720, BLDG.:2648, LAGOON SHOP No.: 64A Kingdom of Bahrain ENTRANCE BY PARKING 5 & 6, Second Floor.

Instructor Details
Rebecca Cornee

Rebecca began her career as Certified STOTT Pilates instructor in 2014 for both Mat and Reformer. She is enthuastic instructor who is passionate about sharing her love of Pilates as a way to create core strength, flexibility and mobility. She says “for me there is no better feeling than learning how to connect to and move from core.
  • Intensive Cadillac
  • Intensive Stability Chair
  • Pilate on the Bosu
  • Foam Roller Level I and Challenge Level 2
  • Secret to a Strong Back
  • Programming for Scoliosis Management
  • Pre Natal Matwork with Stability ball and flex-band
  • Functional Anatomy
  • The Matwork and the Anatomy trains
  • The Reformer and the Anatomy Trains
  • Pre and Post natal Pilates
  • Injuries and Special Populations

Contrology: body, mind and spirit.
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