EQ Saar:

The Avenue Saar, Villa.:1847, Road 3374, Block.: 533, Al Markh Kingdom Of Bahrain.

EQ Amwaj:

Amwaj Block 257, Road 5720, BLDG.:2648, LAGOON SHOP No.: 64A Kingdom of Bahrain ENTRANCE BY PARKING 5 & 6, Second Floor.

Instructor Details
Thiago Z. Borgheresi

Recently become part of our team for our new Amwaj branch. He’s a Physical Therapist (PT) and a STOTT PILATES® Instructor. He had been translating courses and workshops in Brazil for 5 years on Pilates and Fitness subjects. An enthusiastic and self-motivated instructor which will give added value to our services for client’s wellness along with his rehab and manual therapy knowledge.

Thiago will be one of the key contributors on the growth and success of our team. He will definitely help you to achieve a strong and lean physique and to assist you to regain confidence in your body/movements as well to work on performance and endurance improvement.

  • Started his STOTT PILATES® instructor training course
  • Interval training on Jump Board level 1 - STOTT PILATES® Workshop, 2010
  • Stability Ball challenge level 5 - STOTT PILATES® Workshop, 2010
  • AACD - Matwork Pilates for handcaps, Agost 2011
  • STOTT PILATES® Injuries and Special Populations, June 2011
  • Osteopathy International Congress in Brazil, Workshops, 2011:
  • Myofascial Anchor
  • Diagnosis and treatment of biomechanical gait disorders
  • Manipulation of fascias
  • STOTT PILATES® International certification in Agost 2012
  • FIVE Back and Joint Konzept, 2013
  • Merrithew Mindful Movement World Tour 2013, Sao Paulo Brazil
  • Reformer Resistance Training for Teens Workshop, 2013
  • Graduate in PHYSICAL THERAPY, Santo Amaro University Brazil, 2013 
  • II Brazilian Pilates Congress and International meeting of functional training, 2014
  • How vestibular disfunctions influences over Pilates exercises - Workshop, 2014
  • How the organs influences the body during Pilates movements - Workshop, 2014
  • I South American Pilates Congress, Brazilia BR, 2014
  • STOTT PILATES® REHAB Workshops, 2014:
  • Optimization of the lumbar pelvic region 
  • Optimization of the shoulder complex 
  • Programing for osteoporosis management 
  • Programing for scoliosis management
  • The knee Stability and function
  • Functional Taping course, 2014

Contrology: body, mind and spirit.
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