Reformer core classes aim to create long, lean and toned muscles using the Reformer springs resistance and pulley system. Exercises are performed seated, standing and lying down to challenge balance and improve posture. The Reformer is a versatile piece of equipment which allow you to work the whole body increasing flexibility and building strength.

Pilate reformer exercise is for mind and body. It is a refreshing mind-body workout which is suggested by many physiotherapist, osteopaths, and general practitioner. The exercise conditions the whole body and balances the musculature. Your body feels energetic and you actively perform daily activities with better performance. 

So many people are benefited and have included the exercise in their daily regimen. If you are new to Pilates and wonders how to get started?  You are at right place. We are the leading studio for Pilates Reformer classes in Bahrain.  We empower your inner strength and transform your mind and body.

In Pilate reformer exercise, movements are performed on the machine. The machine keeps the body in right position and works on right muscles. It works for entire body, for every contraction, there is a pull and for every push, there is a pull. One cannot perform or practice Pilate reform exercise at home. Hence you need a professional trainer like us. At Equilibriumme, we offer the ton of amazing Pilate reformer classes for everyone.

Benefits of Pilate reformer exercise

  • Develop flat abdominal and stronger back
  • Long and lean muscles
  • Improves sports performance
  • Improves the body posture and make it flexible and balanced.
  • Relieve stress.
  • Treat various medical problems like chronic back pain, arthritis, spine injuries etc.
  • Strengthen the body muscles.
  • It is the safe and effective exercise
  • Improve overall health.

Who can benefit

Many people are benefited from Pilate reformer exercise like Athlete, Homemakers, Working professionals, injured people, Mountaineers and almost everyone.

Why Us

We provide professional trainers who are friendly with our guest. You will enjoy the relaxing ambiance of our luxurious studio. Our reformer classes are suitable for all levels. We invite you to come and visit our studio to rediscover your body and mind. Get ready for new moves.