Rehabilitation Pilates

PILATES REHABILITATION : Private and Semi-private available Rehabilitation Pilates is taught by our experienced Physical therapists and Pilates Trained. They will adapt Pilates exercises to help relieve back pain, muscle pain, neck pain, shoulder impingement and other conditions impending physical fitness. Pilates can be effective in re-educating and restoring function following neurological impairment such as stoke, Parkinson's and MS, and is ideal for reducing the effects of aging, osteoporosis, and restoring health and vitality to post treatment cancer survivors. Pilates Rehabilitation offers not only a road to recovery, but a way of wellness that can only be realized once pain is stabilized and alleviated.
Rehabilitation Pilates can also aid in the treatment of post-surgical conditions, for those recovering from knee, hip, back and other surgeries. Physiotherapist/Pilates practitioner can help to increase range of motion and diminish habits of guarding and over-recruitment of muscles to restore healthy movement patterns.
Pre-Natal Pilates: Private or Semi-private
Taught by experienced, qualified and specialized Pilates Instructors.
Pregnancy is a time of significant change for the body. With a focus on core stability, strength and overall fitness, our PreNatal program are an excellent way to help your body cope with the changes you’re undergoing and prepare it for the stresses to come.